You are rock, GNOME.Asia Summit 2019!

Hello everyone!

May you always be in good condition and happy. I am a physics teacher at SMK Sakti Gemolong, Sragen, Central Java. It was my first time attending the GNOME. ASEAN Summit which was located in Gresik, East Java, Indonesia. But the Indonesia GNOME Community member had given me some T-Shirts of GNOME. The 2015 Asian Summit in Depok, West Java Indonesia while I was having an Openstack Workshop at Btech, Bogor, 2015.

This trip was my first time going to Gresik. So a few weeks before, I had been looking for transportation information that I could ride to get to Gresik from Surabaya. Among other things, I ask my friends who live in the area of Surabaya and Gresik. Apparently, there is no train transportation to get to Gresik. Before I decided to later use online transportation, it turned out that there was a friend of mine named Dion, offering to pick me up and took me to Gresik as well. Thank you :)

I went to Gresik on Friday, September 11, 2019 by train from Balapan station in Solo at 07:41 AM and arrived at Gubeng station, Surabaya at 11:37 AM and my friend had been waiting, went straight to the mosque to carry out Friday prayers. Grateful, it's not too late to perform Friday prayers there. After that, we look for a fresh lunch, “beef Soto” near the mosque.

Actually, there was a friend of mine from Sragen who wanted to take part in the GNOME.Asia Summit (GAS) 2019 in Gresik, but 3 days before the GAS, his father had knee surgery and he was canceled.

The trip to Gresik was quite smooth even though the weather in the afternoon was quite hot. Yes, in Indonesia it is indeed summer and this year it has been around six months. Even though it rained only a few times in the last two months from now. Continuing the story of my trip, we arrived at the Sapta Nawa Gresik hotel around 2.30pm. After a few minutes, my friend leave and return to Surabaya. Thank you, for dropping me off at the hotel.
Sapta Nawa Hotel, Gresik
In the evening around 8 PM, my friend who is a hafidz (memorized of 30 Juzs of Al Qur'an) and taught in one of the boarding schools in Gresik, picked me up to be invited to tour the city and at the same time have dinner. He is the son of a fellow teacher at the Vocational School where I have been teaching. After dinner "Soto Gresik", I was escorted back to the hotel. Thank you Yusuf, for accompanying me to see the atmosphere of the city of Gresik at night.

The first day, GNOME.AsiaSummit 2019 Gresik, Indonesia

Credit by Muhammad Fadlun
Hall of Sang Pencerah, University of Muhammadiyah Gresik (Credit by Muhammad Firdaus) 
I went to Muhammadiyah University Gresik at 8:45 AM from the hotel. Sang Pencerah Hall, the main location is on the 8th floor for registration. Apparently, the registration is on the 7th floor. After putting the bag in the Sang Pencerah Hall, I went down to register and get merchandises from the committee.
Around 9:30 AM the event began. There are also dance performance from volunteers prepared by the committee, Gembira (Traditional) dances.
Some opening talks include Major, Dean of University, GNOME and Neil McGovern. And, the first session that I attended was Using Open Sorce to Manage Asian Games IT Security by Mr. Andika Triwidada also in the Sang Pencerah Hall. He talked about his experience helping the government in this matter the ministry of sports of the Republic of Indonesia in the Asian Games.
Using Open Source to Manage Asian Games IT Security, Andika Triwidada
After lunch time, there are five presentation classes with various themes. That time I took class 1 by Bin Li with the title GNOME Shell Introduction. I deliberately joined this class to find out firsthand what he was doing to enhance his desktop appearance by using various tricks through GNOME Shell. For most people who are just starting to use the GNU/Linux operating system, of course, more attractive screen display will make people happy to use it first.

After the break time, I followed the material delivered by one of the founders of Gimpscape ID Community under the title How and Why We Contribute to Open Source Events as Graphic Designer. Many works have been contributed by the Gimpscape ID community to various open source events, especially those held in Indonesia. At this GNOME.Asia Summit, creative young people were helping to design the background, backdrop, flyers, photobooth, etc.
Neil McGovern and Rosanna Yuen (Credit by Muhammad Firdaus)
The second day, GNOME.AsiaSummit 2019 Gresik, Indonesia

Rosanna Yuen, from the GNOME Foundation said, "We Are Here to Help" in the Hall of Sang Pencerah. Yes, he said that the GNOME Foundation deliberately attended the GNOME.Asia Summit 2019 in Gresik to share knowledge, experiences, assistance with how to build education-related products and their documentation for free to the wider community and society.

I sat near Franklin Weng, who was initially seen sitting drowsy from exhaustion. I didn't know how much and how hard their work is outside taking care of the GNOME Foundation. A few minutes later after he woke up, I greeted and chatted lightly at the Hall of Sang Pencerah. When I showed the presentation slides, so as not to disturb other participants, we moved to the committee room on the 7th floor.

I showed slide by slide till the end while told Franklin about each slide. I also asked for opinions and suggestions from Franklin regarding the activities that I have carried out so far both in the school environment and in the community regarding the introduction of licenses and open source software. He conveyed, our problems are the same, the use of open source software for the community only lasts a while. The reason is lazy to learn again, feel unfamiliar with the operating system screen display, software that has never been used before, and other reasons.

Franklin also told me that his son had been using open source software for a long time and was able to install and play the games he used to play in proprietary system operations. He was also surprised, his son could do everything without direct assistance from him. His son also once dared to invite his teacher at school to use open source software and apparently no one dared or was willing to use it. And now, his wife has also migrated and used open source software.
Congratulation, Frank! :)

After about an hour of discussion and sharing with each other, we went back up to the 8th floor, Hall of Sang Pencerah.

After lunch, I entered class 4 on the 7th floor to see and follow the material presented by alumni of SMK Sakti Gemolong, Ananda DR with the title Linkerd 2.0.
Ananda DR, Linkerd 2.0

Group Photo of Linkerd 2.0 by Ananda DR (Credit by Muhammad Firdaus)
On this second day, it was my turn to present the lightning talk in the session before the end of this 2019 GAS.
(Credit by Agung)
The material I submitted looks light but it takes a long struggle to introduce licensing and the use of open source software in the community. However, with the enthusiasm to encourage good and to share to be beneficial to society, there is no word of surrender.

"Keep the spirit, never stop trying even you’ve failed several times"

The last session was filled by Mr. Ahmad Haris, How to Contribute to FOSS Projects. Don't ask, his influence and experience in the field of FOSS as well as his role for FOSS activists. Almost every Asian and international level event related to FOSS held in Indonesia, he is almost certain to take part in it.
Ahmad Haris (Credit by Muhammad Firdaus)
One sentence that is serious but relaxed, "If there are young people using illegal software on a laptop that is used, the laptop can be purchased and I install it with FOSS!"

So thats my story of attending the GNOME.Asia Summit 2019 in Gresik, Indonesia.

Thank you GNOME Foundation and the committee for organizing the GNOME.Asia Summit 2019 in Gresik smoothly and successfully.

Thank you to all sponsor of GNOME.Asia Summit 2019 too. 

Keep the spirit to share and work to be useful for others.
Hopefully next year we can meet again with greater enthusiasm and work.

Sincerely yours, Ernawan

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