MikroTik Academy Training Class 1

In the first class of MikroTik Academy, there were 18 participants (17 students and 1 teacher) joining the Training Class 1. As Academy Trainer, I have started write presentations in November 2014 for junior students and will be finished in this semester. The students really exciting in every training session. Even sometimes took more time to finish the lab module they did it well because limited equipments at school.
MikroTik Academy Training Class 1
MikroTik Academy Training Class 1

As Academy Trainer, we were explaining term and conditions for MTCNA exam not to copy, paste, printscreen, save, etc. They just have to read carefully the question and answer it correctly, save session and finish it by hit the finish button after all question answered.
MikroTik Academy Training Class 1

During the Exam
Even we have told them few months before conducting the training that the free test and exam use English language but, it still made them nervous. First time exam with online and in English with 60 minutes. Surely they got to believe this were real online exam with English and have to finish it before 60 minutes. Even they have had practicing free test but still being nervous when starting the MTCNA exam.

We do apologize because can not bring all participants got the certificate. This situation we learned, and have to be not be a problem for students in next training class. In the training class 1 there were only 5 (five) students passing the MTCNA. Sad but at least they did it well during the training class.
MikroTik Academy Training Class 1

New experience for teachers and also students. We believe that we can do better this semester.

Thank you MikroTik.

Best regards,

MikroTik Academy SMK Sakti Gemolong

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